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Matt Grande's Crappy Journal

The Crappy Journal of Matt Grande

Matt Grande
20 December 1985
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I'm Matt Grande. I like stuff. I'm in a band, sorta... Not really anymore. I like cake. I have a bad habit of making plans, then not following through with them. I hate when people are late, especially me. MSN me for more!
42, 905, abortions, ac/dc, acting, alexisonfire, anchorman, and other stuff., anti-flag, anti-lol, at the drive-in, attack in black, bad religion, beastie boys, big fish, binbrook, bisexuals from washington, black sabbath, black widow, blood brothers, burn the 8 track, c++, cake, canada, cheese, chillaxing, clerks, cobol, computers, condemned fallacy, dane cook, dead kennedys, dead popes, death by stereo, destroying bratz dolls, dhl, die hard losers, dogma, douglas adams, dropkick murphys, early green day, eating animals, eyedea, f-minus, fall of troy, family guy, fatboy slim, fight club, final fantasy, frantic city, freaks and geeks, fugazi, gabba gabba hey, gay rights, george carlin, girls with mohawks, glanbrook, goatse, goldfinger, good sex, hamilton, hardcore, harvey birdman, hatebreed, hayden, jackie mason, jughead's revenge, law & order, led zeppelin, lego, lemon jelly, less than jake, maddox, makeshift policy, marilyn manson, mash ups, metal, monty python, napoleon dynomite, neil young, nerds, nes, new people from burlington, nirvana, nn2s, nofx, non-passive resistance, nothing nice to say, office space, optimus prime, pink floyd, playing guitar, pro-choice, propagandhi, propaghandi, pulp fiction, punk, punk rock, queen, rage against the machine, rancid, reading, robin williams, ron burgundy, sage francis, sarcasm, scrubs, silent bob, silverstein, ska, slc punk, slipknot, smelly farts, socialism, sparta, star wars, steven wright, stoney creek, straight edge, swim punx, system of a down, the blood brothers, the casualties, the decay, the fall of troy, the fullblast, the local shows, the ramones, the subversives, the turn it ups, the underground, the video dead, theatre, thrice, toxic narcotic, vatican chainsaw massacre, visual basic, zack de la rocha